How to know your necklace or chain size?

Like clothes, jewelry must be worn comfortably in order to look stylish and perfect. Choose the right necklace or chain length to suit your style, body shape, and comfort level.

Collar and Choker: 30.5-40cm or 14-16” As the name suggests collar styles fit higher around the neck and chokers rest closely around the base of your neck. The right-sized choker necklace or chain should fit comfortably, leaving a finger-room between the chain and your neck. Both collar and choker chains give off a retro-classic 90s vibe and look alluring on long slender necks and pixie-cut hairstyles.

Short or Princess Necklace : 40-47cm or 18-20” A short necklace or chain is designed to fall perfectly just below the base of the neck, resting around the collarbone. On petite women, this necklace or chain will hang comfortably in position, however, on plus-size women, it might look more like a choker. So this size chain is best worn by petite or slim women.

Medium or Matinee Necklace: 47-60cm or ~20-24” The Matinee necklace or chain sits beautifully on your chest pointing gracefully towards your cleavage. A medium-length necklace or chain is ideal if you are of moderate height and have a fuller body type.

Long or Opera necklace: 60-75cm or 28-34” Best worn by tall willowy women, this necklace or chain can bear a medallion pendant and other statement pieces. Depending on the length and your build you may also be able to wear an opera length like a layered choker and princess chain.

Very long or Rope necklace: 85-100cm or 36-42” Wear your rope necklaces or chain to create an illusion of layering in double or triple tires. Or knot it by folding it in half around your neck to form a stylish lariat knot.

How to measure your desired
necklace or chain length

Online necklace or chain length charts show the total circumference lengths for each necklace measured in either centimeters or inches (1” = 2.5cm). There are two easy ways to measure the desired necklace or chain length (total circumference).

Check the length of your favorite necklace or chain

Step 1: Place your open necklace on a table

Step 2: Using the centimeter/inch edge of a ruler, measure from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the necklace.

Use a string or a flexible measuring tape

Step 1: Stand before your mirror and bring a string/flexible tape around your neck and join both ends at the length you prefer.

Step 2: Check the length (use a ruler to measure the string).

Things to consider

Your facial bone structure, body type and height

Here are a few things to consider when buying a necklace or chain online, Before you choose a necklace length online, you should consider that the exact resting length of your necklace will vary with your body type, height, neck and torso length. Also, short lengths (Princess) without pointed pendants are more flattering to a heart-shaped face and medium-length (Matinee) chains with pendants work for round faces.

The look and feel you are aiming for

How you want to style your look will determine the length of necklace you need to choose.

Layering: Are you opting for the layered look with many chains in different lengths, or is it only a single chain that you want?

Pendant length: Do you want to wear a pendant on your chain? If yes, then you will need to consider the total length of the chain plus the pendant length.

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